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Arts Every Day Process

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

My first project at MICA’s Center for Design Practice (CDP) involved working with Arts Every Day. They approached the CDP with the challenge of creating a vehicle to promote their program and message of utilizing art integration in the classroom to interested Baltimore City middle schools.

During my freshman year of college, I participated in MICA’s Community Arts Partnership. CAP puts MICA students into Baltimore City schools, youth centers, and other community places. Having lived my entire life in a quiet suburb of Boston, the experience opened my eyes to the reality and difficulties inner city schools face, as well as the poverty and violence which further exacerbates the problem. I worked with a small team of MICA students in a preschool classroom. We were challenged to create and organize lesson plans that synced and enhanced the teacher’s goals for the day. We used drawings, pictures, and colors to teach math, vocabulary, and reading. As I look back now upon my time in that classroom having worked with Arts Every Day, I would say art integration played a major role in our lessons.

When I first heard the brief for the Arts Every Day project, I knew this previous experience with CAP would provide a wealth of insight that I could draw upon to gain a greater understanding and grasp upon our challenge. While working on the project, I remembered my fond memories of elementary school where my teachers brought our studies to life by reenacting Christopher Columbus’s epic voyage and transforming our classroom into the bottom of ocean as we explored the life of crustaceans and tide pool ecosystems. Arts Every Day’s challenge really resonated with me as I realized I couldn’t remember any great memories of learning during my time in middle school.