A Wild Halloween


Excited by the debut of Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze’s adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s famous + controversial book, I decided to create my own wild thing for Halloween. Without thinking about it, I picked out the wild thing I liked the best from Sendak’s book to build. Shortly after constructing the head, I realized I had chosen the wild thing that closest resembled a cow. Now anyone who knows me, knows I have a history with cows. So I guess it is not all that surprising. Except this resemblance led to some Trick-or-Treat confusion among parents who were unfamiliar with Sendak’s illustrations. I was greeted with a few moos and when I responded that I wasn’t a cow, their next guess was pig. Oink.

I had great fun answering the door. It wasn’t easy with my massive head, lack of vision, and heavy bowl of candy. I was going to wear my claws, but that became quite impossible, which was a real shame because they were soo cool. When I opened the front door, Trick-or-Treaters would begin to recite their well rehearsed line and then fall short when my entire head came into view. The reactions were quite amusing. I scared a few small children, but after a few waves and some hellos, I won most of them over. One little boy who was terrified and too scared to come up and get a candy, ran back over as his family was moving on, to say hi. My friend Charlotte came over to help out. She caught some of the reactions on camera, which I’ve posted below.





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